Our Soft Landscaping division wants your landscape to be your ideal natural outdoor. We help to achieve this by creating a dazzling landscape of lush green grass, trees and shrubs along with beautiful flower displays. Services that the landscape division offers include:

  1. Designing landscape perspective plan for indoor and outdoor
  2. Designing landscape perspective plan for indoor and outdoor
  3. Choosing best suitable plants listing under palms, trees, shrubs, hedges, ground covers, seasonal flowers and grass
  4. Testing the soil and choosing the appropriate nutrients needed for the optimum growth of the plants including soil reclamation work
  5. Estimating the project value and its duration
  6. Executing the project abiding international standards

Gulf Dunes Landscaping and Agricultural Services is an innovative, dynamic and progressive company dedicated to construct inspirational outdoors and indoors among other related services. Established in 2002, it has grown in this short period of time into a company of 1,200 people servicing an extensive range of customers across various sectors and industries.
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